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Title: Archangel
Post by: Archangel on May 15, 2007, 06:47:48 AM
1- ! have read and fully understand the rules as indicated.
2. I am over 30 years fo age !!!
3. Male
4. Canada
5. The goth scene is very new to me, only recently having started to write in stories of the genre thanks to our very own Gothic Fires.  ;) I enjoy story writing and participatory interaction in most forms, and the darkness of goth is a new area for me, but one that I find full of potential for a quality literary experience.

6. A writing sample. Cyprian is a soldier of the Black Watch. These are elite soldiers from Kalamere, a far away kingdom. These men were trained to operate and fight in many types of terrain and environment in a sort of special force organization.

When the Great Crusade began the Black Watch was sent along with the regular army to invade the eastern edge of the Great Wood seeking the Tomb of Aldimar, great hero-god to the humans. His tomb is said to hold artefacts of immense dark powers. It was the decision of the Emperor of the human kingdoms to secure this tomb, and protect the heritage of the humans.

No one suspected the elves would resist but they did, with an amazing fury. This is where the tale of the end of the Black Watch begins, and the one of Cyprian begins…..

Cyprian lay on the bank, his arm still draped over a large log. He felt the pain in his body but it was difficult to pinpoint where exactly. He managed to pull himself ashore, letting the log that had no doubt saved his life continue its journey north… Or was it South, Cyprian was no longer certain. He took a moment to rest, and to painfully re-live the last day’s events.

The final battle of the Black Watch began on the morning of the 36 day of the Crusade. A company of elven warriors, 500 strong had hold up in a small valley, and the lords had decided the Black watch would go in and eliminate them. Everything had gone according to plan. It was a slaughter, hardly any of the humans fell. The elven steel was no match for human combat efficiency. It had taken only a few minutes for the charge to end with the valley soaked with the blood of the elves… And that was when it began.

We had heard of the legendary elven longbowman but had yet to encounter them. We gained great respect for our enemy that morning. First, they had sacrificed 500 good elven warriors to lure us into that death trap, and second the legends were true, their bowmen were great. The first volley took out all our mounts and over half our men. Few were untouched by at least one arrow. I, myself took one in the side near my right hip but there appeared to be no permanent damage. I was lucky. Our formation broke as panic took to the men, and we fled for the cover of the woods.

Though we had trained to fight the elves in the woods, we were ill prepared for what waited us. It was as if the woods were alive with accursed elven magic. But we struggled and we fought on, refusing to give up. We’d heard what elves did to their prisoners, surrender was not an option.

By early morning on the 37th day we had reached the raging river. There were only a dozen of us left, out of the original 250 Black Watch members. We had hoped to use the fast current of the river to take us back behind our lines, to safety. To our surprise and much disappointment the river’s great current had suddenly changed, it now flowed north, towards the western Great Forest. Our hearts sank. Only high elven magic could produce such effects. We were doomed men and we knew it, it was only a matter of time. As the sun began to creep up from the East our wait had ended.

The elves had found us and begun their attack. The men of the Black Watch fought back to back, and they fought as though possessed by demons. It took over 75 elven warriors to finish off the 12 warriors on the high banks of the Great River. I took another arrow, in my left hip but I fought on. When only a few of us remained, I received a sword blow to the side. Though my armour took the brunt, I felt the bite of steel, and I swear I heard some ribs crack just before I tumbled into the river……..

Now here he was, alive for the time being. He could only assume he was deeper in the elven lands. He looked over his wounds, his side had begun bleeding again, and the bandage had been washed away. He pulled a wet cloth from a pouch and pressed it against the wound. His hip still had the arrow through it, and it didn’t seem to be bleeding much yet, so he decided to leave the arrow for the time being. He could not see the damage to his side though he felt it, his breathing was shallow and through a coughing fit he found blood spewing from his lips. He dared not removed the armour yet. He searched for his sword, the one his father had given him but there was no sign of it.

After lying back down for a few moments he realized he could smell smoke…. And he could have sworn he heard the sound of a flute playing… He crawled up to his feet listening intently. The fire could mean food he decided. He just hoped it wasn’t a military camp. He started moving in that direction….

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Post by: Bast on May 17, 2007, 08:03:52 PM
 :) Welcome !!! :)

Hope you enjoy writing with us!!!


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Post by: Archangel on May 18, 2007, 09:31:43 AM
Hi Bast, thanks for the welcome !!! :D

I do look forward to getting a bit of writing done !! 8)