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Title: Site Map
Post by: GothicFires on June 07, 2009, 09:04:32 PM
Everything Under The Sun
This is a public board that anyone can read, but only members can post in. No sexual content should be posted in any of its boards.

Role Playing Rules, Information & Entry (,1.0.html)
After you have created a login and confirmed it via email then post an introduction on this board.
  • Welcome Message (,2.0.html)
  • Site Rules (,3.0.html) You must confirm that you have read these
  • Questions to answer (,4.0.html) just lets us know a little about you

Role Playing Resources (,37.0.html)
Useful information to help improve your role playing experience.
  • Site Rules (,269.0.html)
  • Staff (,845.0.html)
  • Other Role Playing Sites (,347.0.html)
  • Off Site Role Playing Game Rules (,271.0.html) for advertising group games on another site
  • Relationships on the Web (,940.0.html)
  • Tips on Writing/Role Playing (,337.0.html)

Facts (,90.0.html)
Technical 'How Tos' and Problems/Suggestions for the site. Only the 'How To's will be mapped
  • Chat (,890.0.html)
  • Games Profile Setting (,853.0.html) lets people know if you are actively looking, open or not open to new games.

Music (,11.0.html)
The place to hawk your favorite band or tell people what you are listening to at the moment.

Poetry & Prose (,28.0.html) Hawk your favorite writer or tell us what you are reading.

News (,21.0.html) Important notices about the board such as updates or outages. Any other events in the news you wish to discuss.

In The Dark
This board is ran by Gothicfires and tends to focus (but not limited to) stories with dark Gothic themes. There is a writing standard that must be adhered to. No post can be under 100 words.

Castle (,7.0.html) This area is for games that do not contain anything that may make someone very uncomfortable (include non-con, rape, extreme violence). Anyone may start a one-on-one on their own. A child board for group games can be requested.

Library (,32.0.html) Where old games are kept before final deletion, poetry, art, notes, useful resources
  • Archives (,33.0.html)Games are generally placed here if they have not been posted in for at least 30 days. They may be deleted after 90 days.
  • Poet's Corner (,35.0.html) A place to share your poetry
  • Bard's Tale (,36.0.html) A place to post writings you have done by yourself.
  • Resources (,34.0.html) Links to anything that you think someone else will find useful
  • Art Gallery (,47.0.html) Pictures or Art you would like to share
  • Notes (,50.0.html) A place for you to store anything you need. Game ideas, game lists, notes on games. Discussions with partners on games to keep your PM box from being cluttered or information lost by accidental deletion

Tavern (,3.0.html) The tavern is the place to post anything that doesn't fit in the role playing areas (The Castle & Oubliette) or the library.
  • Games Wanted (,5.0.html) Advertise for games you would like to play.
  • Sordid Secrets (,6.0.html) This is where you list things that interest you and set limits to what you will not do. It is optional and not all inclusive. No one is required to stick by the information given here.
  • Absences & Announcements (,9.0.html) A courtesy to let your writing partners know when there is a change in your normal schedule.
  • Promotion & Such (,17.0.html) This area is to give ideas on the promotion of the site or give permission to let some of you work (no sexual & credited) be used in promotion of the site.

Oubliette (,2.0.html) This area is for games that contain non-con, rape or anything else someone might not want to read. If you are sensitive stay out of this area.