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Title: Vicki Pettersson
Post by: Lotus on July 02, 2007, 07:17:28 PM
I've just become entralled by the world that Vicki writes.  It is the story of a woman born into one of the most wealthy casino owners of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Only Joanna is not the actual daughter of Xavier Archer.  Her mother long gone after a fatal attack on her oldest daughter in the middle of the desert, left for dead the young Joanna changed and grew into a woman.  Completely different from her socialite half-sister she one day on her 25th birthday comes to find out something dark about the city.

She is no longer a simple mortal.  She is a member of the 175th Zodiac Unit.  She is special though.  Born of two sides.  The light and dark.  It is during this time much happens...  And she comes face to face with her real father.  The leader of the Dark Zodiac, the Dark Archer.  As she chooses to take her place as the Light Archer.  She now faces much more then the enemy's of the opposing side.  She has to fight with herself as well as those she is to be working with. 

The Scent of Shadows
The Taste of the Night
The Touch of Twilight (tbr early 2008)