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Author Topic: Dahlia's Tear  (Read 4217 times)


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Dahlia's Tear
« on: June 20, 2007, 07:56:49 PM »
Dahlia's Tear

music type: dark wave/ethereal

Dahlia's Tear is the project of Anil Emre Dedeoglu offering dark ambient music since 2005 with various sound elements and sub-genres such as experimental, industrial and ethereal music. Nevertheless, Dahlia's Tear sound characterized by enigmatic compositions embedded in gloomy choirs and synth-based slow and deep frequencies. Despite the mellow partitions filled with distress, sorrow and deep laments, the specific sound carries a hypnotic touch of dreamy and abstract moods in darkened atmosphere.

Anil Emre Dedeoglu uses various sound elements to enrich layers and with introspective themes of indefinite symbolized musical characters, he lets listeners to look his music in different perspectives. Lush skin of dark pad layers, experimental touches of ambient sound and various sensations combine many moods with the entire conception adding a huge depth to Dahlia’s Tear sound those bringing an atmosphere between the harsh and the haunting feeling.

A Dark/Ambient Voyage Through New album of Dahlia's Tear!

My Rotten Spirit Of Black” CD is out now in limited number of CDs by Alcor Productions!... Death; is like a cold dark sky nicely shaded black. But it does not come so easily, it captures our spirits; as the tears roll to the floor...Then eyes begin to close...
A dark ambient release from Dahlia’s Tear with pessimistic frequencies…A profound and dream-like trip…


He is very good and I am not just being biased. You can hear full length songs at Dahlia's Tear myspace page.

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