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Due to spammers annoying me, if you wish to become a member of this board you most first PM me (Gothicfires) through

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Author Topic: Welcome to In The Dark/JointVentures adult role playing forum!  (Read 14176 times)


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Welcome to In The Dark and Joint Ventures adult role playing forum!

This forum is co-owned by GothicFires and Stevej101

In The Dark was originally started because I, GothicFires, wanted a more themed place. One where I could have a dark back ground and read and write stories with a more dark, Gothic feel. As times progressed, needs of my friends led me to lift this restriction. Now we concentrate on just writing good stories.

So please, add yourself to the list of friends and explore your dark (or light) role playing fantasies with other talented role playing adults who like things that bump and bit in the night. Sensual, erotic and sometimes sexual writing, warm up your mornings, afternoons, evenings and nights and role play your dreams in more detail than any other role playing board.

Joint Ventures is nested inside In The Dark it is a more private, but open community. It was started as a brain child between Stevej101 and his partner as a place where couples can come and socialize and not be restricted but some procedures/policies that govern sites geared towards individuals. We believe believe that couples of all natures (BDSM, D/s, poly amorous, etc) do need a site where they can congregate, chat, and draw from experiences of each other. We also value the time, friendships and writing abilities of every person so even if you are not in a relationship and do not feel the need, desire or want to be in a relationship are you still welcome. This is not a place to 'hook up' it is a place to be.

Notes of Importance
  • This site does contain adult situations, sex, violence, etc that are not suitable for persons under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 and wish to role play then you may do so at RPOL
  • Please read our rules carefully before you sign up for our site, and do keep in mind this is a closed community so acceptance is necessary for our intentions to keep this site safe and mature to work.
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