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Author Topic: Gothic Fires  (Read 4699 times)


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Gothic Fires
« on: May 13, 2007, 04:08:45 PM »
1.  I have read the rules... I wrote them  :D
2.  Age - 34
3. Female
4. Fort Lauderdale FL USA (note to others you do not have to be as specific... It is just easy to get this information about me anyway)
5. I'm a historical goth. I love places that are old and have a sense of past, especially where man has left a mark but is being reclaimed by nature. I first fell in love with Greek mythology and then discovered Norse and Celtic. I prefer learning about ancient civilizations to modern history. I love castles and ghost stories where the ghost is known. I've belonged to a stage combat group for over three years now and have recently started Gothic Fires ( Look for us at Medieval, Renaissance and Pagan fairs across Florida.

6.  Writing Sample -  A post titled Pompeii from one of my past games.

She stood at the northwest edge wall of the city. The red glow of dawn’s light reflected off the last of the snow on top of the mountain. Perhaps a foreshadowing of what lay within. She pulled her cloak tighter around her to ward off the chill of the new morning. Though in an hour when the sun climbed into the sky she knew it would no longer be needed. Her ebon tresses splayed over the deep red cloak and brushed across her face in the brisk breeze. She inhaled the wind and it felt as if she were awaking anew. There was not a sight that Devin could recall that was more beautiful that nature waking up to Apollo. Her green eyes shone brighter than before in appreciation of the gift she was given. Turning to the east she curtsied to The God as his chariot rose into the sky.

Max should be here to see this. She thought to herself for no one else was around to talk to. Most of the city was still sleeping, but there were a few noises of people stirring. He would probably sleep the day away if she let him. It would be best she get back to their home and wake him.  As she turned to look back at the city a smile grew upon her face. There was no doubt that she lived in the most beautiful city in the Roman Empire. Not that she had ever been anywhere else, but how could Rome even compare to what was before her. She could see the entire city from the top of Mercury’s tower. Its buildings of bricks and stone never failed to attract her attention. Most of the buildings where two stories. Many had brightly colored mosaics and frescos both inside and out. There were flowers and plants any where a woman could find a place for them to take root. At the bottom of the tower she ran her hand up the side of the doorway until she could reach no higher. Her eyes followed the arch around. Not that she knew from experience, but builders she knew told her that arches were difficult to make and Pompeii was full of them. To her it made it all the more beautiful.

The walk from the tower to their home was not a long one. Just a few streets distance. She knew everyone in this area by name and even a little about their lives. Almost every thing that she could ever need could be found on these streets. Devin walked on the curb to the stone street until she came to crossing stones. The streets were more often not wet from rain and people disposing of their house waste in them. It was not a place one wanted to walk. The smell in the morning however was not as bad as it would be later in the day. As it were the smell of baking bread and fish over powered the streets and made the morning quite pleasant. 

She smiled as she came to the baker’s house. He and his wife were outside getting ready for the day. The first loaves of the morning were being placed on the stone table for those who were awake to see. “Hi Helen. How are you this morning?” Her eyes first greeted the woman to whom she spoke then dropped to the bread. She wondered how hungry Max would be this morning. Most of the time he had a healthy appetite. This morning would not likely be any different.

I am well, Devin. Thanks for asking. It is going to be a beautiful day. The older woman smiled and picked up a loaf of bread and handed it to Devin. Devin dropped her grip on the cloak to fetch a coin. The slight breeze she felt from the cloth settling into a looser position let her know the sun was warming the air. No, no dear. You do not pay. Brown curls that were not pined up with the rest of her hair bounced around Helen’s face as she shook her head. Just come play some of your beautiful music when you get a chance. The older woman walked around the table and Devin accepted the bread as the other woman glanced at her husband then whispered into Devin’s ear. And try to bring that handsome husband of yours around. He may belong to you my dear, but he is a pleasing treat to the eye.

Devin laughed as the woman went back around the table. She received a look from the baker who was sure the twinkle in her eye had something to do with mischief his wife was making. However there was nothing more beautiful than a woman with a smile on her face so he simply smiled himself. Thank you Helen. I will come to play for the both of you as soon as I can. I will bring Max with me if he is not busy. She waved good by to the bakers and continued down the street. After making a pouch with the cloak by draping it over her arm, she placed the bread in it. A couple more stops and chats, she had added cheese fruit and some fish to the bounty.

During the rest of her walk she admired the beauty of the buildings. Some showed their brick structure. Some were plastered with brightly colored frescos painted on them of various scenes of everyday life. She passed a public fountain where women were getting water for their homes. However she was one of the lucky few who had indoor plumbing.

Walking through the front door she was greeted with the wonderful art of her own home. Every portion of wall of their home was brightly colored. Frescos and mosaics from nature to people graced the walls. She would have been happy living anywhere with Max, but this place was exceptional. She wondered when the last time she said thank you. Next time she saw him she would. Max! she yelled. But it was not Max that appeared to her. Nilia, one of their servants greeted her with a curtsy before unloading the food from her mistress’ cloak to a basket.

I have not see the lord this morn, mistress. But it is early yet. I will go prepare your breakfast. The small blond girl curtsied again before turning to go to the kitchen. She followed the servant out of the small entryway and watched as the girl disappeared from the atrium in the opposite direction that she herself would go. This room had a hole in the ceiling with a small pool beneath it. Most of the time if was filled with rain water. A few times she and Max had the servants fill it with warm water. Those thoughts brought a blush to her cheeks and increased her need to see him. Ignoring the paintings on the walls and the tile patterns on the floor she made her way to the stairs and raced up them. Once up the stairs she hurried down the hall releasing the cape allowing it to fall away from her and float back down the hall. Her dress was simple, a white sleeveless tunic that fell to her ankles a sash of red was tied just underneath her breast to give her body some shape underneath the material. She wore nothing to betray her wealth. Even the sandals she wore were plain and tied around her ankles.

She opened the door a little as possible and slid her thin body in to the room closing the door behind her as she saw with disappointment that he was not in their over large bed. The bed was neatly made as if it had never been slept in. The walls of their room were painted just like the rest of the house, Even the ceiling in this room. All of them showed people in various sexual acts. In bed rooms, out in nature. The theme was quite common and not too embarrassing to think about. In the privacy of her home anyway. But where was Max? The light from the window was normally blocked by heavy curtains, as was the case now. The only light was provided by candles which barely gave enough light to see by. But she was accustomed to it.

Devin sat down on the bed. Trying to remember if he had business so early when she heard explosions. It sounded like bombs going off. The thought of bombs confused her. There shouldn’t be bombs here. In the corner of the room was a ladder that lead to the roof, via a door in the ceiling. She climbed up and opened the door, unexpectedly climbing into darkness. The sun had long set but not even the stars dared to show in the sky. The moon also shirked her job of providing light. The explosions occurred again and she felt heat from the air. Gaining her footing on the roof she closed the door. It was then that she noticed the mountain. Lava and ash spewed from the top of the volcano. Rivers of the molten red rock flowed down its slopes. A force of wind hit her and knocked her down. Her skin felt warm from the heat, but she could not keep from watching the volcano erupt. Large rocks exploded in the air around Mt Vesuvius like the bombs she had heard earlier.

And she could not keep from wondering where was Max.  She hoped he was ok and safe and had made it out of the city that had caught on fire and burned around her.
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